Indoor CBD Flowers | Oompa Loompa | #2 Sour Mango

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Oompa Loompa “Sour Mango” cut has a smooth Gassy Sour Mango flavor. She produces beautiful resin-coated flowers, chunky calyxes and pyramid-shaped nugs.

Grown from our in-house living organic soil for a buttery and smooth signature flavor background.  Traditional Hang dry with a 2-month cure in our Cold room Humidor.

Great for daytime use as the uplifting citrus terpenes keep you focused while the diverse cannabinoid profile keeps you in balance.

Oompa Loompa Hemp Flower is a cross from a select high resin-producing phenotype of the wife and a blood orange phenotype of T1. A limited edition seed stock Bred by Yellowhammer Genetics.