Indoor CBD Flowers | Perfume Diesel | #23 Silver Hazeberry

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Perfume Diesel #23 "Silver Hazeberry” cut is a hybrid indoor Hemp flower with buttery berry crème Brule.

The nose is Butter+berries+vanilla cream.

The Smoke/vape is something special- smooth body, good expansion and sweet exhale while. The taste is silver, berry, and vanilla crème Brule and fuel

Effect- introspective, creative, relaxed, and Satisfied

“Silver Hazeberry” Cut was grown from our own signature blend of Living Organic Soil. No liquid fertilizers or chemical salts.

Perfume Diesel SIlver Hazeberry cut is a select Cherry Abacus 2.0 phenotype bred by DieselHemp out of Colorado. True masters of their craft and always searching for the best flavors the hemp market has to offer.

USDA compliant

Less than 0.3%thc